My name is Charlie Barwis, I am an undergraduate student at Cardiff Met (formally UWIC) and I’m about to embark on my dissertation project for the forthcoming year. The title of my project is ‘Analysing the role of an analyst’ and my aim is to try and define what a performance analyst really is and what skills and attributes are required to perform successfully. As many of you who read the blogs on this site will agree, the actual role of an analyst is hard to define, some sports require and expect certain things from an analyst that other sports/clubs may overlook as un-important. Consequently, the development route each analyst takes is different, leading to a difference of opinion in what is required from an analyst and in what order of importance those attributes are ranked. Furthermore, from my experience of reading the blogs regarding internships within the industry, it could also be argued that some sports are unsure about the benefit performance analysis holds or the potential it could have on improving their performance, subsequently the internship offers may not reflect the real value an analyst would be adding.